Fedor Andreev, The Skater

Andreev began skating at the age of 8 in the former Soviet Union. He moved to Canada shortly thereafter with his mother, world renowned skating coach Marina Zoueva.

Afterward he was coached by Alexei Tchetveroukhine for the first 10 years of his skating career at the Minto Skating Club in Ottawa, Canada. A decision was later made to make a move to Hackensack, New Jersey, to train with Igor Moskvin and Tamara Moskvina, which was where Andreev remained for a year and a half.

After a disappointing season, Andreev decided to move to Detroit, Michigan, to coach with Richard Callaghan, with whom he has remained with for the past 7 years and counting.

Andreev had this to say about his experience skating in Detroit:

“In all those years, my skating career has provided me with some amazing experiences; spectacular ups, some very painful downs, and priceless life lessons. One thing that has kept evolving, and what keeps me going to this day, is my love for the sport. Now, more than ever, my determination to succeed and compete at the Olympic games drives me to persevere. In 2009, a collaborative effort was put in effect to change Azerbaijan’s Olympic structure for the upcoming season, and I was selected to represent them. It’s the most excited I’ve ever been to perform and I’ve been making vast strides to improve both my physical and mental game.”