Fedor Andreev, The Racer

Having had an obsession with all things automotive for as long as he can remember, Andreev was quick to get involved in organized racing. After obtaining a driver license–and a number of traffic citations to boot–it wasn’t long before Andreev realized he needed to find a new outlet for his automotive escapades. In 2002, he joined the Sports Car Club of America and began his first series of competitive racing. Taking first place at his very first autocross event, it was evident rather quickly that Andreev would lead a successful racing career.

As with many autocrossers, road racing was Andreev’s next step. Honing his skills during open track days with the National Auto Sport Association and SCCA, it wasn’t long before Andreev was an instructor himself.

Then, at the end of 2003, Andreev discovered a new form of motorsport that interested him greatly:

“After watching countless hours of high-powered rear-wheel-drive Japanese sports cars screeching their tires, sliding sideways around twisty mountain roads at incredible speeds, I knew that drifting was my calling. That winter I built my first drift car with the help of Andy Adelson and have since competed at events all over the country.”

Andreev went on to win the first amateur drift series he competed in. He later took part in various other professional events and demonstrations, including a Formula D qualifier in Houston, TX, an ESPN event in Indianapolis, IN, and a professional D1 Grand Prix event in Hong Kong.

Since his humble beginnings, Andreev has built three race cars with which he has competed in various forms of motorsport.